Imagine the world bustling with creatures...

Hi there,

A few years ago I came across you felting amazing hats at the wood fair and my wife bought me the "horned beast"!

Well I didn't quite realise what I was getting........................At the time we knew it was something special but having had a few seasons of festivals and parties, there is no doubt that it is much more than a hat!

Wherever I go, it is admired by everyone.................strangers constantly come up and talk to me, have a feel, discuss the material, species.........others come to tell me they have a "Barbara Keal"! It is like joining a select club and it's one I'm very proud to be part of!

I just thought I needed to pass on all the love it gets and share my own happiness.......I still love it (it was at the Harvest festival this weekend!).

Big love

Jonas Carnegie
The Grain, Kent by e-mail


 I remember seeing these last year but I hadn't remembered just how beautiful they are, I'm so pleased to finally be the owner of a 'Hairy Fox'! Julia Dupont, Visitor to Origin 2011


I saw the Financial times feature on the hats last year and was intrigued but I thought they might be itchy- I can't believe how soft they are in real life- it's amazing! Madeleine James, Visitor to Origin 2011

 Dear Barbara!
thank you for yours extremly beautiful hats! it's very inspirating and really great! Ilse Avsenev, Russia